Accommodation & Food


The Bunny Retreat rabbit boarding accommodation is secure, heated and air-conditioned and houses twenty-three luxurious hutches.

Nineteen of our hutches are 5' x 2' x 2', three are 4' x 2' x 2' and three are 5' x 18" x 2'; these are specifically designed for our smaller guests, i.e guinea pigs.

Weather-permitting, your pet will have access to our paddock via their own portable run.

Not Just Bunnies!

We welcome other small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, degus, chinchillas and gerbils.
Cages for hamsters, degus, chinchillas and gerbils need to be provided by you.


The price of the boarding includes the following:
A constant supply of fresh hay
A constant supply of fresh water
Fresh veggies as an evening treat
Lots of cuddles and attention from adoring carers!


If your pet has a favourite dried food, please bring sufficient for their stay with us.

Drop Off and Collection Times

Please call to discuss our drop off and collection times.
Remember to bring any toys or preferred grooming brushes to help your pet feel at home when at The Bunny Retreat. 

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