Difficult Details

Illness & Health

If any pet shows signs of disease, illness or injury, we reserve the right not to accept them for boarding.


Your pet will not mix with the other boarders (to minimise the risk of any infection) except for its own family and will be checked over daily.  Therefore, The Bunny Retreat will not be held responsible for any illnesses such as Myxomatosis, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD),flystrike, mites or any other common disease.


Should your pet show signs of illness during their stay with us we will contact our local vet for advice at a cost to you. If bonded pets need to be separated in the interest of their health and safety, you will be charged for the additional accommodation, payable on collection of your pets.


If your pet is not collected within 10 days of the agreed collection date and you have not contacted us to inform us differently and we are unable to get in touch with you via the information you provided, we reserve the right to have your pet re-homed and legal action will be taken to reimburse boarding fees and any re-homing costs.

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